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  Sunday, June 16, 2019
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Chickasaw National Wildlife Refuge

Established August 5, 1985, Chickasaw National Wildlife Refuge lies in the Lower Mississippi River floodplain along the Chickasaw Bluff in western Tennessee. Eight miles of the western boundary abut the Mississippi River along the only stretch without a mainline levee in the Lower Mississippi River Valley. As a result, the refuge is subject to the natural process of backwater flooding by the river. Chickasaw NWR currently encompasses 23,809 acres and includes the largest block of bottomland hardwood forest in Tennessee. Prior to acquisition, the lands that now make up Chickasaw NWR were owned by the Anderson-Tully Company of Memphis, Tennessee. The company managed a total of 18,000 acres at this site for timber production. In 1956, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency leased this land and managed it as the Upper Anderson-Tully Wildlife Management Area. Chickasaw NWR and adjacent lands are known to be important wintering and stop-over areas for a large portion of the Mississippi Flyway mallard population. Under optimum conditions, peak waterfowl numbers may exceed 250,000 including black ducks, gadwall, pintail, teal, wigeon, wood duck, ring-necked duck, and hooded merganser. Wood ducks are year-round residents and depend on the habitat for nesting and brood rearing. The refuge also provides habitat for wild turkey, swamp rabbit, deer, fox and grey squirrel, and raccoon. Approximately 200 species of birds, including bald eagles, interior least terns, Mississippi kites, and Cerulean warblers frequent the refuge. Chickasaw NWR has 3 active bald eagle nests and hosts up to 20 eagles throughout the winter months.

From Ripley and Highway 51, proceed approximately 6 miles north on Edith-Central Road (becomes Edith-Nankipoo after passing through 4-way stop at Edith). Turn left on Hobe Webb road and proceed approximately 1.5 miles to first road on the right. Turn right on Sand Bluff Road and proceed to the bottom of bluff. Refuge headquarters will be on the left.

Chicksaw forest Chicksaw forest