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  Thursday, May 23, 2019
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Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge

Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge is located at the mouth of the Bear River in northwestern Utah. The Refuge was established in 1929 as "a suitable refuge and feeding, and breeding grounds for migratory wildfowl". It contains over 74,000 acres of vitally important migration and production habitat for birds. Over 200 species of birds have been recorded at the Refuge and approximately 60 species breed here. The Refuge is located on the eastern edge of the Pacific Flyway and on the western edge of the Central Flyway and is important to both. In 1991, the Refuge was designated as a Western Hemispheric Shorebird Reserve. For many years the Refuge has been a popular attraction for wildlife recreation and education. In 1983, the Refuge was reduced to ruins by the rising flood waters of the Great Salt Lake. One hundred year precipitation events occurred in 2 consecutive years causing the Great Salt Lake to rise to flood levels. The Refuge was completely inundated with salt water. All the vegetation, buildings, and many water control structures were destroyed. In 1989, the flood waters receded and the Refuge was reopened. Restoration and enhancement of the Refuge has been ongoing since then. New and improved water control structures are being installed, much of the vegetation and invertebrates have returned, and, most importantly, the birds are back! A new Friends of the Refuge group has been formed and plans for a new visitor center are underway.

Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge can be reached from Interstate 15 by taking the Forest Street exit (Exit 366) at Brigham City, and driving west approximately 15 miles.

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